If you would like to help Morton in the Community by volunteering for any of our programmes, please email your details to: jroy@mortoncommunity.net 

By volunteering with us you can:

  • Meet new people and make contacts
  • Learn new skills
  • Build your self confidence
  • Gain experience and boost your CV
  • Have fun while making a very valuable contribution
  • Help us make a difference to the lives of others


Spread the word!

Tell EVERYONE you know about us

We need your help to raise awareness of the work we carry out. You can lend us your passion, pride and voice to spread the good work of Morton in the Community.

One of the most powerful things you can do to help us get our message out to our global family is to spread the word through your own social networks.


Social networks are more popular than ever so it’s important to remember that social networks are public spaces and there are a few simple guidelines that you should always remember:

  • Whatever you say online can be made public
  • Privacy settings won’t necessarily stop your posts being shared with people you do not know or trust
  • Always be mindful of what information you’re sharing online and how it may impact on your work or personal life
  • Be the best person you can be online Always be as respectful to others online as you would in person
  • Think before you share
  • Never disclose private or confidential information about service users, staff or volunteers and always respect copyright and don’t use other people’s content without their permission.



If you would like to organise your own fundraising event e.g. 10K, half-marathon, please email us at jroy@mortoncommunity.net for a sponsorship pack.

While you’re at it, why not let us know what you’re doing by dropping us an email: jroy@mortoncommunity.net or tweet your progress @MortonCommunity

Remember! Don’t forget to request Gift Aid!

If your sponsors/donors are UK taxpayers please ask them to add Gift Aid to their pledge and they can make their donation worth even more. For every pound they give, Morton in the Community gets an extra 25p from HMRC at absolutely no cost to your donors. 

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