Terms and Conditions

We understand that on any booking submission made, whether by application form, online, or verbally by phone, that you, the customer, agree to our terms and conditions of booking as set out below. Should you disagree, or have any concerns regards any of the terms and conditions listed below, you should notify us immediately before proceeding with booking or submitting application form.


All courses are taken by SFA qualified coaches with particular experience of coaching children.

Course Confirmation

Please accept the submitted booking as confirmation of a place on the chosen course. No confirmation of course booking will be sent. Where courses are already full, you will be notified by GMCT.

Administration Charge

Please be aware that the first £15 of any course booking fee covers administration costs and is not refundable.

Refunds Policy

Refunds will only be granted in respect of requests received not less the 3 day prior to the commencement of the activity. Refunds after this time will be at the sole discretion of GMCT who will consider circumstances in each individual case.

Cancellation Due To Inclement Weather or Due to Circumstances Outwith Our Control

GMCT cannot be held responsible for class cancellation due to inclement weather or due to circumstances beyond our control. No refunds will be issued for classes cancelled due these circumstances. Where scheduling, facility and resources allow, GMCT will endeavour to extend courses to make up for classes cancelled under these circumstances, but cannot guarantee that this will be possible.


From time to time GMCT may video/photograph course members for promotional use (eg. Website, Press, Brochures, etc.). Any course applicant who does not wish to be photographed/videoed for such publications must inform GMCT Administration Department at the time of course booking.

Notice of Cancellation

Cancellation of membership in any season long courses (ie. those paid by recurring billing, direct debit or standing order) requires 31 days notice. Cancellation requests must be made in writing (letter or email) to the GMCT office c/o Cappielow Park, Sinclair Street, Greenock, PA15 2TU or email pr@mortoncommunity.net.

Course Member Details

Please ensure that GMCT records of your personal details are kept up to date. It is important that GMCT is able to contact you via postal address, telephone numbers and email address to ensure that you receive important information on any course that you have joined or applied for.


GMCT supports environmental conservation projects and endeavour to minimise our carbon footprint. The main communication route used by GMCT is e-mail, so please ensure that your email address is supplied at the time of registration and that it is kept up to date. Failure to supply email address may result in non-receipt of important course information or special offers that GMCT may be able to offer course members.


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